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Advanced search mode in single indexes

Full Text

In the text box “full text” terms from the various indices can be entered. Using “and” they are linked automatically.

Sample Search Terms
  • Corsini
  • Löwe Stern Turnierkragen

The search results are displayed as a list, including an image of the coat of arms, the family name, and a description. Further information about a single coat of arms can be obtained by using the button “read more”.

Name (Persons, Families, Institutions)

The category “name” allows an alphabetical query using the family name or the name of an institution.

Element of the Coat of Arms

In the category “element of coat of arms”, elements of the list are highlighted in black when they are part of the search results. Elements of coat of arms which have not been included in the query are displayed in grey.

Form/ Ornament and Colour

The categories “form/ ornament” and “colour” can be used to narrow search results by selecting one or more of the listed options.

Refine your search

New search terms can help to narrow the list of already obtained search results. For this purpose a new search must be entered into the text box “full text” and the option “in current results” must be selected.

“Delete” restores the screen to the default settings.

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